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Fathomless Freediving Course at Dolphin Quest

Travel to the warm waters and breathtaking scenery of the Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica and learn to comfortably and safely freedive down to a depth of 20m/66 feet. Lead by PFI certified instructor Jarrad Thomason, this 3 day course teaches fundamental freediving techniques for underwater exploration and hunting. You will also practice static apnea to help develop your breath-holding abilities and in-water comfort. 

Your PFI Freediver course will cover fundamental topics such as:

• Essential Safety procedures for Static Apnea and Freediving
• Proper Breath-Up and Recovery Breath techniques
• Confined-Water skill development i.e. Static Apnea up to 4min
• Free Immersion in Open-Water i.e. line diving
• Equalization for Deep Diving
• Equipment for Freediving
• The fundamental Physics & Physiology of Freediving—what happens to your body at depths!


**Day 1: Fly into San Jose(SJO), Costa Rica before noon to catch hopper flight to Golfito. We will pick you up from Golfito and bring you out to Dolphin Quest.

Day 2: (8am-2pm) First session in the morning, consisting of dry training, curriculum and technique awareness. Afternoon open for activities such as kayaking, fishing, hiking, yoga and more.

Day 3: (8am-2pm) Second session consisting of applying techniques for safety and performance. Also including breath holds(static apnea) up to 4 minutes and water entry practice.

Day 4: (8am-2pm) Third session of the course with the goal of reaching an open water constant ballast free dive of 20m/66ft. Afternoon open for spearfishing, fishing, hiking, yoga or relaxing.

**Day 5: Leave Dolphin Quest in the morning, take hopper plane from Golfito to San Jose, catch flight back home. 

** For students traveling from out-of-town. Local students must be present at 8am on Day 2, 3 and 4. 
* Room and board not included in course price, please add $60 per night for standard and $75 for Deluxe lodging and 3 Meals
*Fees apply if booked through, pay through Paypal for $30-$60 less.